A quick  guide to Hugh Crawford's photography

The Some Photos Of That Day book is live on Kickstarter now

Passage: The Memory Palace by Hugh Crawford
December 13, 2012 - February 28, 2013
in the Brooklyn Central Library, Grand Lobby 

The Brooklyn Public Library has their own page about the show

My 2012 show titled "Sections" at the old stone house Since these photographs are very large this is a zoomable version of the show "Sections"

My show in 2010 at the old stone house titled "Essence and Accident".

Tourists in times square with cameras
Portraits taken on the sidewalk of kids waiting to buy a Harry Potter book at midnight

Older work
The 1980s part one
The 1980s part two
My address book project circa 1977 - 1986

My application portfolio applying to CalArts in 1981
My "Boy and Girl of the Week" series made at CalArts 1983-1984

I have been working on a project to make a version of Jamie Livingston's 'Photo of the Day' project available on the web. You can see it here.
There is also a version of the project composed the same way as the show was hung at Bard College in October of 2007. It is in four parts, showing each year horizontally with each day of the year aligned vertically.  January first to April 11    April 12 to July 16     July 17 to October 8     October 9 to December 31   

Pictures of the hanging exhibition at Bard College are here.
The old minimalist version of the P.O.D. site is here